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EOA is a collaborative effort involving many people who have provided invaluable help. These people include:

EOA Editorial Staff

  • Claire Wilson, senior content editor
  • Christopher Maloney, content editor
  • Laura Newland Hill, communications
  • Devon Young, technology consultant

EOA Advisory Council

  • Jeremy Arthur
    President, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama
  • Donna Cox Baker
    Editor-in-Chief, Alabama Heritage
  • Bob Blalock
    Senior Communications Strategist, Alabama Power Company
  • Joey Brackner
    Executive Director, Alabama Center for Traditional Culture
  • Nettie Carson-Mullins
    Education Specialist, Alabama Department of Education
  • Armand DeKeyser
    Executive Director, Alabama Humanities Foundation
  • Ralph Foster
    Director, Office of Public Service, University Outreach, Auburn University
  • Al Head
    Executive Director, Alabama State Council on the Arts
  • Peter Hlebowitsh
    Dean of the College of Education, University of Alabama
  • Mary Hubbard
    Independent Education Advisor
  • Jay Lamar
    Executive Director, Alabama Bicentennial Commission
  • Bonnie MacEwan
    Dean of University Libraries, Auburn University
  • Deborah Morowski
    Assistant Professor, College of Education, Auburn University
  • Steve Murray
    Director, Alabama Department of Archives and History
  • Robert Olin
    Dean of College of Arts & Sciences, University of Alabama

A special thanks is offered to former staff members and partners who helped create EOA
Wayne Flynt, editor-in-chief emeritus; Robert J. Jakeman, editor emeritus; Steve Murray, managing editor; Ben Berntson, production editor; Robert Stewart, former Executive Director, Alabama Humanities Foundation; Dan Ross, former Director, University of Alabama Press; Justin Dubois, media editor; Bliss Bailey, Executive Director, Auburn University Office of Information Technology, Jeremy Goslin, independent technology consultant; Mike Merrill, independent technology consultant; Mark Durant, independent technology consultant; Charles King, independent technology consultant; Susan Abram, graduate research assistant; Patricia Hoskins Morton, graduate research assistant; Michael Zarafonetis, graduate research assistant; Herbert J. "Jim" Lewis, freelance editor; Dana Chandler, graduate research assistant; Donna Siebenthaler, graduate research assistant; Koy Carraway, graphic artist; Jonathan W. Lartigue, graduate research assistant; Midge Coates, metadata consultant; John Hardin, graduate research assistant

The EOA staff is grateful for the continuing support of Auburn University's Office of Information Technology and Office of University Outreach.

The staff also wishes to thank the founding EOA Consulting Editors

  • Bryding Adams
  • Margaret Armbrester
  • Leah Atkins
  • Richard Bailey
  • Philip Beidler
  • Brooks Blevins
  • Joey Brackner
  • Kathryn E. Holland Braund
  • Dan Burton
  • Wilson Fallin
  • Robert Gamble
  • James R. Hansen
  • Gordon Harvey
  • Bert Hitchcock
  • Harvey H. Jackson III
  • Greg Jeane
  • Charles Martin
  • Charles C. Mitchell, Jr.
  • Clarence Mohr
  • David Morgan
  • Sandra Bridges Newkirk
  • Anne Permaloff
  • Doug Phillips
  • W. Craig Remington
  • Lynne A. Rieff
  • Marlene Rikard
  • Frances Robb
  • Samuel L. Webb
  • A. J. Wright