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Author Index

  • William Warren Rogers
    Robert M. Patton (1865-67)

    Robert Miller Patton (1809-1885) was inaugurated as governor of Alabama on December 13, 1865, only eight...
  • R. B. Rosenburg
    Emmet O'Neal (1911-15)

    Like his father, Governor Edward O'Neal, Emmet O'Neal (1853-1922) was president of the state...
  • Joe Ross
    Howell Hubert Vines

    Howell Vines (1899-1981) is best characterized as a local-color author who drew his inspiration from...
  • Joe Ross
    Jack Bethea

    A lifelong Birmingham resident, Andrew Jackson Bethea (1892-1928) wrote novels of the New South noteworthy...
  • Joe Ross
    Joe David Brown

    Joe David Brown (1915-1976) drew memorably from his own life to compose his fiction: his grandfather's...
  • Stephen M. Rowe
    Eufaula Athenaeum

    The Eufaula Athenaeum, opened in 2005 in a historic building in Eufaula, Barbour County, houses a collection...
  • Justin Rudder
    Gwen Patton

    Gwendolyn Marie Patton (1943-2017) was leading civil rights activist and educator who …
  • Justin Rudder
    Monroe Nathan Work

    Civil rights activist and sociologist Monroe Nathan Work (1866–1945) is often described by scholars...
  • Justin Rudder
    Joseph Echols Lowery

    Known as the "dean of the civil rights movement," Joseph Echols Lowery (1921-2020) was at the forefront ...