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  • Kayla C. Scott
    Forks of Cypress

    Built for Irish immigrant James Jackson and completed in 1830, the Forks of Cypress mansion was situated …
  • Kayla C. Scott
    Philip Phillips

    Philip Phillips (1807-1884) was the U.S. Representative for Alabama's First Congressional District from 1853 to 1855.
  • Kayla C. Scott
    Florence Synodical Female College

    The Florence Synodical Female College was established in Florence, Lauderdale County, to provide…
  • Kayla C. Scott
    Joseph Humphrey Sloss

    Joseph Humphrey Sloss (1826-1911) served two terms in the U.S. Congress, representing Alabama's Sixth …
  • Kayla Scott
    Francis William Kellogg

    Francis William Kellogg (1810-1879) served as a U.S. representative for Alabama's First Congressional District, a federal tax …
  • Richard Scott
    Pat Dye

    Pat Dye (1939- ) is best known for his success as Auburn University's head football coach from 1981...
  • Richard Scott
    Auburn University Football

    From its beginning in 1891, Auburn University's football program has been one of the South's...
  • Jon Sedlaczek
    John Lawson Burnett

    John Lawson Burnett (1854-1919) served Alabama's Seventh District as a Democrat in the U.S. House...
  • Jeffery Seymour
    H.L. Hunley

    The H.L. Hunley was the first submarine to successfully sink an enemy ship in combat and was a remarkable vessel...
  • Judith E. Sheppard
    Gould Beech

    Many historians and journalists today regard Gould Beech (1913-2000) as one of the most gifted and visionary...