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  • J. Wayne Flynt
    State of Alabama

    Both in physical size and in population, Alabama has typically ranked near the middle of the 50 American...
  • J. Wayne Flynt
    Poverty in Alabama

    Since the Civil War, Alabama has been one of the nation's poorest states. In the 2000 U.S. Census,...
  • J. Wayne Flynt
    Harold Eugene Martin

    Harold Eugene Martin (1923-2007) was a distinguished Alabama journalist, businessman, and Baptist layman...
  • J. Wayne Flynt
    Go Set A Watchman

    The book Go Set A Watchman is the second published novel by renowned Alabama author Nelle Harper Lee.
  • J. Wayne Flynt
    Religion in Alabama

    Alabama is a state in which 90 percent of its citizens profess belief in God and an overwhelming majority...
  • J. Wayne Flynt
    David Bibb Graves (1927-31, 1935-39)

    David Bibb Graves (1873-1942) was one of Alabama's most important governors, serving during critical...
  • J. Wayne Flynt
    Southern Baptists in Alabama

    The Southern Baptist denomination is the largest in Alabama. In 2006, more than 1.1 million Alabamians...
  • Sean Flynt
    Lee and Susannah Compere

    English missionaries Lee (1790-1871) and Susannah (ca. 1797-1833) Compere arrived in Alabama in 1822...
  • Sean Flynt
    Samford University

    Samford University was founded by Baptists as Howard College in Marion, Perry County, in 1841. Located...
  • Jennifer Fondren
    History Museum of Mobile

    The History Museum of Mobile houses and interprets 300 years of Mobile history through numerous exhibits...