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  • Karen L. Cox
    Lost Cause Ideology

    The term "Lost Cause" emerged at the end of the Civil War when Edward Pollard, editor of the Richmond Examiner ...
  • Candice L. Cravins
    USA Archaeology Museum

    The Archaeology Museum is located on the campus of the University of South Alabama (USA) in Mobile, Mobile County.
  • Allen T. Cronenberg
    World War II and Alabama

    World War II and its aftermath changed the face of American culture, and this was equally true in Alabama...
  • Edward R. Crowther
    Charles Octavius Boothe

    Charles Octavius Boothe (1845-1924) was an influential African American Baptist preacher, educator, and...
  • Eleanor Cunningham
    Gaineswood National Historic Landmark

    Gaineswood, a historic house located in Demopolis, Marengo County, is an important example of Greek Revival...
  • Eleanor Cunningham
    Magnolia Grove

    Dating from the antebellum era, Magnolia Grove is an historic site and museum located in Greensboro,...
  • Kirk Curnutt
    Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

    Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (1900-1948) was an artist, writer, and popular-culture icon who helped to establish...
  • Geni Curtain
    Fort McClellan

    Fort McClellan was an important U.S. Army training base in Calhoun County from 1917 to 1999. In the years...
  • Mary Ellen Curtin
    Convict-Lease System

    Between 1875 and 1928, the state and counties of Alabama profited from a form of prison labor known as ...
  • Daniel Cusick
    Bailey Thomson

    As a journalist, educator, and proponent of constitutional reform, Bailey Thomson (1949-2003) was a stalwart...