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  • Paul McWhorter Pruitt Jr.
    Thomas Goode Jones (1890-94)

    Thomas Goode Jones (1844-1914) was one of the most notable Alabama politicians of the post-Civil War...
  • Paul McWhorter Pruitt Jr.
    Benjamin Faneuil Porter

    Benjamin F. Porter (1808-1868) was a prominent legal figure and state legislator in antebellum Alabama...
  • Paul McWhorter Pruitt Jr.
    Henry Delamar Clayton Jr.

    Henry D. Clayton Jr. (1857-1929) was a noted lawyer who served as a judge of the U.S. District for the...
  • Paul McWhorter Pruitt Jr.
    William Calvin Oates (1894-96)

    Alabama governor William C. Oates (1835-1910) rose from rough and humble beginnings to run a newspaper,...
  • Jan Pruitt
    Kentuck Art Center and Festival of the Arts

    The Kentuck Art Center, an exhibit, educational, and event space, and the Kentuck Festival of the Arts,...
  • Douglas Clare Purcell
    Historic Chattahoochee Commission (HCC)

    The Historic Chattahoochee Commission (HCC), headquartered in Eufaula, was a joint effort between the...
  • Douglas Clare Purcell
    Chattahoochee Indian Heritage Center

    The Chattahoochee Indian Heritage Center is located in Russell County adjacent to the Fort Mitchell National...
  • Elizabeth R. Purdy
    Presidential Race of 1928

    The presidential election of 1928 was one of the most controversial in American history, providing a ...