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  • Mark Dyreson
    Jesse Owens

    Jesse Owens (1913-1980) gained lasting fame as a track and field star in college and for his four gold...
  • Jun Ebersole

    Nodosaurs, or members of the family Nodosauridae, were armored, herbivorous (plant-eating) dinosaurs...
  • Sandy Ebersole
    Geological Survey of Alabama

    The Geological Survey of Alabama (GSA) is the state agency that examines, catalogs, maps, and reports…
  • Sandy Ebersole
    Geology of Alabama

    Alabama is a very geologically diverse state. Rocks exposed at the surface range in age from Precambrian...
  • Susan Eckelmann
    Freedom Rides

    The 1961 Freedom Rides were public bus trips undertaken by racially integrated groups through the Deep...
  • Kent Edmonds
    Fly Fishing in Alabama

    Although fly fishing is often associated with the trout streams of the northeastern and western states,...
  • Matthew C. Edmonds
    National Democratic Party of Alabama (NDPA)

    The National Democratic Party of Alabama (NDPA) was formed in 1968 to provide blacks with an alternative...
  • Linda McMurry Edwards
    George Washington Carver

    Probably one of the most recognized names in agricultural research, George Washington Carver (ca. 1865-1943) overcame numerous obstacles to achieve
  • Dana Ehret

    Elasmosaurs belong to the family Elasmosauridae, a classification of extinct marine reptiles that belong...
  • Jonathan Eizyk
    Birmingham Botanical Gardens

    The Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG) is a 67.5-acre expanse of land that currently contains more than...