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  • Stephen Knowlton
    Fred Allison

    Fred C. Allison (1882-1974) is best known for his research on the effect of applied magnetic fields on...
  • Joel Kobzeff
    Gerald Barrax

    Gerald William Barrax (1933-2019) was a poet, writer, editor, and educator. His early work is closely associated...
  • Joel Kobzeff
    George Wylie Henderson

    George Wylie Henderson (1904-1965) was a novelist and short-story writer whose works reflected a transition...
  • Joel Kobzeff
    Martha Strudwick Young

    Martha Strudwick Young (1862-1941) was a prolific author and poet …
  • Joel Kobzeff
    Daniel Wallace

    Daniel Wallace (1959- ) is an author who is best known for his novel Big Fish (1998), a national bestseller...
  • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
    Jurassic Period

    The Jurassic Period (roughly 200 million years ago to 146 million years ago) is the middle part of the...
  • David C. Kopaska-Merkel

    Alabama has a stunning diversity of fossils, ranging from tiny microfossils to giant prehistoric whales....
  • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
    Stephen C. Minkin Paleozoic Footprint Site

    The Steven C. Minkin Paleozoic Footprint Site in Walker County is the most prolific source of vertebrate...
  • Emilie Kraft
    Ten Commandments Monument Controversy

    In 2001, Alabama was thrust into the center of a national controversy about the presence of religious...