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  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Richard Shelby

    Richard Craig Shelby (1934 - ) is the senior U.S. senator from Alabama, serving since 1986.
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Blue-Gray All-Star Football Classic

    The Blue-Gray All-Star Football Classic was a college football game featuring senior players from across the country held annually in Montgomery from 1938 through 2004.
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Paul Finebaum

    Paul Alan Finebaum (1955- ) is a top-rated sportscaster, sports radio show host, sportswriter, and author who made his name covering college football in Alabama.
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Cramton Bowl

    The Cramton Bowl is a 21,000-seat stadium located in north-central Montgomery, Montgomery County.
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Harry Gilmer

    Harry Vincent Gilmer Jr. (1926- ), a native of Birmingham, played halfback for the University of Alabama (UA) football team ...
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Nick Saban

    Nick Saban (1951- ), the current head football coach of the University of Alabama (UA) football team,...
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Otis Davis

    Otis Crandall Davis (1932- ) won two gold medals in track and field in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome,...
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Lee v. Macon County Board of Education

    Lee v. Macon County Board of Education is a pivotal civil rights...
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    William Sibert

    William Luther Sibert (1860-1935) was a civil engineer involved in several of the ambitious construction...
  • Greg Schmidt
    Union Springs

    Union Springs, the county seat of Bullock County, is located in the Black Belt region of eastern Alabama...