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  • Gary R. Mullen
    Philip Henry Gosse

    Philip Henry Gosse (1810-1888) was an English-born zoologist, naturalist, and scientific illustrator....
  • Jim Murphy
    Poets Laureate of Alabama

    The title of poet laureate of Alabama was created in 1930. Nominated by the Alabama Writers' Conclave...
  • Jennifer M. Murray
    Battle of Mobile Bay

    The Battle of Mobile Bay, which took place in August 1864, was the last major naval engagement of the...
  • Jennifer M. Murray
    Richmond Pearson Hobson

    Greensboro, Hale County, native Richmond Pearson Hobson (1870-1937) was a graduate of the United States...
  • Beth Taylor Muskat
    Black Militias in Alabama

    After the Civil War, southern states slowly began to rebuild their state militias. Among these new militia...