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  • Emma Yonan
    One-toed Amphiuma

    The one-toed amphiuma ( Amphiuma pholeter ) is a rare type of salamander endemic to the Florida …
  • Tom York
    Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF)

    In August 1967, the Alabama Legislature responded to a growing need to celebrate and preserve Alabama's...
  • John Young
    William Manning Lowe

    William Manning Lowe (1842-1882) represented Alabama's Eighth Congressional District in the U.S. Congress as a member …
  • Matthew Young
    H. L. Hunley

    The H. L.Hunley was the first submarine to successfully sink an enemy ship in combat and was a remarkable vessel...
  • Matthew Young
    Blockade Running in the Civil War

    Blockade running, and the use of small swift ships known as blockade runners, was the Confederacy's...