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  • Rachel Naftel
    Alabama Indian Affairs Commission

    The Alabama Indian Affairs Commission (AIAC), headquartered in Montgomery, Montgomery County, was established …
  • Cameron Freeman Napier
    Confederate Memorial Day

    Confederate Memorial Day became an annual state holiday in Alabama in 1901. It was originally celebrated...
  • Cameron Freeman Napier
    United Daughters of the Confederacy Alabama Division (ALUDC)

    The Alabama Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (ALUDC) was founded on March 26, 1896,...
  • Cameron Freeman Napier
    Ladies Memorial Association

    The Ladies Memorial Association was an important organization after the Civil War and into the twentieth...
  • Cameron Freeman Napier
    First White House of the Confederacy

    The First White House of the Confederacy, located in Montgomery, was the executive residence of President...
  • John Hawkins Napier
    Fort Rucker

    Fort Rucker, a 64,000-acre base in Coffee and Dale counties, is Alabama's largest military installation...
  • John Hawkins Napier
    CSS Nashville

    The CSS Nashville, built in Montgomery, Montgomery County, was one of the last ironclads constructed by the Confederacy ...
  • James Nathan
    Alabama World Affairs Council

    The Alabama World Affairs Council (AWAC) is a nonprofit organization that sponsors lectures and programs...
  • Graham R. Neeley
    Samuel Francis Hobbs

    Samuel Francis Hobbs (1887-1952) was an attorney, circuit court judge, and eight-term Democratic congressman…
  • Graham R. Neeley
    Osmond Kelly Ingram

    Alabama native Osmond Kelly Ingram (1887-1917) was the first U.S. Navy enlisted man killed during World War I.