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North Courtland

James P. Kaetz, Auburn University
North Courtland is located in north-central Lawrence County in the northwest part of Alabama. It has a mayor/council form of government.
For many years, North Courtland was part of the town of Courtland, incorporated in 1819, and thus largely shares its history. During the era of legal racial segregation, African Americans in Courtland lived primarily in a part of the town known as "The Hill." No basic police and fire services were extended to the Hill by the city government of Courtland, and the community had to depend on Lawrence County for these services, which meant delays in response times. The residents decided that establishing themselves as a separate town was the best way to acquire funds for a local police and fire department and incorporated in June 1981. In 2013, a fire destroyed the building housing the North Courtland police department and town hall.
According to 2016 Census estimates, North Courtland recorded a population of 722. Of that number, 95.4 percent of respondents identified themselves as African American, 4.2 percent as white, and 0.4 percent as two or more races. The town's median household income was $22,917, and the per capita income was $16,214.
According to 2016 Census estimates, the workforce in North Courtland was divided among the following industrial categories:
  • Manufacturing (23.3 percent)
  • Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services (15.3 percent)
  • Retail trade (12.6 percent)
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and extraction (10.7 percent)
  • Educational services and health care and social assistance (8.4 percent)
  • Public administration (7.4 percent)
  • Other services, except public administration (5.6 percent)
  • Transportation and warehousing, and utilities (5.6 percent)
  • Information (4.2 percent)
  • Wholesale trade (3.3 percent)
  • Arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation and food services (1.4 percent)
  • Construction (1.4 percent)
  • Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing (0.9 percent)
Students in North Courtland attend Lawrence County schools; no public schools are located within the town limits.
U.S. Highway 72/State Highway 20 runs through the northern section of town, coming in from the west and then curving to the southeast as it exits town.
Events and Places of Interest
North Courtland is located about five miles south of Wheeler Lake on the Tennessee River.
North Courtland holds a Founders Day celebration every August and a Unity Day celebration every March or April, during which it honors its senior citizens.

Additional Resources

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Published:  October 5, 2020   |   Last updated:  August 18, 2014