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New Site

Christopher Maloney, Auburn University
New Site is located in north-central Tallapoosa County in east-central Alabama. It has a mayor/council form of government.
There are few records of New Site's early history prior to 1900. However, the New Salem Baptist Church was erected around 1848 and the town dates its founding to 1849. A Masonic Lodge was
New Site Town Hall and Community Center
established in 1858. By the turn of the twentieth century, the town could boast a gristmill, post office, ginning house, telephone service, and a variety of stores. At some point, a three-room school house replaced a one-room log facility; it in turn was replaced in 1929 when a new facility was constructed. Much of the town burned in a 1927 fire, with the Masonic Lodge being among the buildings spared. In 1957, an attempt to incorporate the town as Horseshoe Bend failed and the town was later incorporated as New Site in 1965.
The population of New Site at the time of the 2010 Census was 773. Of that number, 85.8 percent reported itself as white, 12.5 percent as African American, 0.8 percent as Hispanic or
New Site Fire Department
Latino, 0.6 percent as two or more races, and 0.4 percent as American Indian and Alaska Native. The median household income according to Census estimates is $35,192 and per capita income, $17,933.
According to Census estimates, New Site's workforce is divided among the following major industrial categories:
· Manufacturing (31.8 percent)
· Educational services, and health care and social assistance (19.3   percent)
· Retail trade (13.8 percent)
· Construction (7.6 percent)
· Transportation and warehousing, and utilities (6.1 percent)
· Wholesale trade (4.3 percent)
· Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing (3.7   percent)
· Other services, except public administration (3.1 percent)
· Professional, scientific, management, and administrative and waste   management services (2.1 percent)
· Arts, entertainment, recreation, and accommodation and food services   (1.8 percent)
· Public administration (1.5 percent)
· Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and extractive (1.2 percent)
Public education in New Site is overseen by the Tallapoosa County Board of Education which administers a K-12 school that enrolls approximately 750 students and employs approximately 65 educators.
New Site is accessed by State Highway 22, which runs east-west, and State Highway 49, which runs north-south.
Events and Places of Interest
New Site Sports Fields
The New Site town hall has space available to rent for gatherings, a pavilion adjacent for outdoor gatherings, and a senior's center. The town supports several baseball and softball fields at Barnes Memorial Park. Since the late 1990s, the city has held a custom car show at the town hall in mid- to late-April. New Site is close to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park, which provides educational and recreational opportunities, and nearby Wind Creek State Park and Lake Martin offer numerous aquatic activities.

Additional Resources

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Published:  August 26, 2013   |   Last updated:  August 27, 2013